Almost Maine comes to Southwest


Zach Draghiciu and Libby Kramer

Southwest held performances of Almost Maine this week. It debuted on Thursday November 18th and ran through the 21st. 

Almost Maine’s plot takes place in a small town in Maine. The production consists of 9 short plays that explore love and everything that comes with it. As with most Southwest plays the students had a lot of influence and choice when it comes to how they perform and act in every scene. Southwest students from all grades are participating to create an exciting and heartbreaking performance.

Watching Almost Maine is an ever changing rollercoaster of emotions. The play is funny at times and absolutely heart wrenching at others. The young cast uses their talents of getting into character extremely well by quickly becoming adults with intricate and complicated stories. The play starts with a young woman whose fiance has just died, she comes to Almost to see the Northern Lights. In the next story you meet people who have lived in Almost their whole lives. The production is full of best friends falling in love, unrequited love, perfect endings, and tear jerking endings.

The play uses visuals and metaphors to describe what it is like to be these people in a tiny town that are just trying to figure it out, move on, or come back. A wonderful job by everyone involved in this production of Almost Maine at Southwest!



Drew Bechay

Ava Burns

Jack Dewey

Iris Kelker

Rachel Leo

Valentine Pagel

Collin Sande

Anna Bomar

Miranda Cohn

Bond Feltes

Ellery Koomen

McKenna McCormick

Max Resnik

Leo Seiler

Maggie Walker

Antonio Brooks

Maximus Davis

Silas Good

Josie LaMere

Sydney McDonald

Billy Rollin

Megan Waller


Directed by

Margaret Berg 

Ali Vujovich