Arts Extravaganza Celebration!


Libby Kramer, Arts Editor and Historian

On Tuesday the 23rd of November Southwest put on an Arts Extravaganza all day in order to build community and celebrate the last day before the break. Starting before classes started, through lunches, and performances during 5th and 6th hour filled the day full of all kinds of art. All the fine arts were represented with musical performances, art showcases, and a scene from the musical Almost Maine that just wrapped.

The commons Tuesday morning and afternoon were full of music performed by Lakers. There were performances by the guitar classes, solo songs, and much more. Later on during 5th and 6th hour many students came together to put together an amazing performance, this time including dance and a drum line. Before the extravaganza started there was a slideshow of art made by all the levels. Following that there were performances by Southwest’s choirs and then a scene from Almost Maine put on by McKenna McCormick and Val Pagel, and a dance piece. Next up were two solo performances, one original song by a student in songwriting and a dance solo. To wrap up the show the drum line came out and performed a piece. 

It was a great day for the fine arts department and it was good for the students to come together and either see or perform some form of fine art!