Basketball Success: The Season Begins!

Zach Draghiciu, Staff Writer

It’s that time of year again.  The snow is falling, our teeth are chattering, and that means winter sports are here.  And if you aren’t excited about the Lakers basketball teams, it’s time to come in from the cold!

The Lakers are red hot right off the bat, and it doesn’t seem like anything can slow them down. Boys varsity is 2-0 with wins over Richfield and Holy Angels. The girls team is 2-1 with dominant double-digit wins over North and Tartan.

Highlight Players: Usually #13 is an unlucky number.  But not for junior Virginia Johnson, who doesn’t need luck when averaging 17.7 points a game. She’s already racked up 10 steals in 3 games. Showing skills on both sides of the ball, she is truly a player to watch.

On the boys team, #33 senior Preston Engen is shining on the court. He’s scored 27% of the team’s total points, with 36 so far this season. His prowess on offense, with shooting and driving abilities, makes him a marked man the opposition needs to stop.

Stay up to date on the next games by visiting the Southwest website or Southwest Trench on Instagram. Be sure to show up and cheer on our hard-working Laker family!