Varsity Athletes – What Are They Doing in the Off Season?


Claire Jacoby, Featured Writer

As the fall sports season has come to a close, fall athletes are now on their off season. So what do they do in their free time? Three varsity athletes give intel as to what they are doing to prepare for their next varsity season. The first athlete, boys soccer starting forward Max Resnik ‘24 spoke about club sports and school activities during off season. “When I did play Minneapolis United (club soccer), it wasn’t as fun for me. It was always just about staying healthy for southwest soccer.” Resnik says as he talks about club soccer in the off season. Not all athletes that participate in varsity sports play in the off season. During Resnik’s first time not playing Minneapolis United soccer, he explains how he will use his time in the off season, “I am hoping to play some other sports, get involved with other activities, keep active, and stay fit for next season.” 

Some players spend their time in the off season playing with longtime friends in sports clubs. Avani Tummala ‘24, next year’s girls varsity tennis captain gave an idea of what playing for a club in the off season is like. Aside from doing club tennis at lifetime fitness to stay active and continue improving she also speaks about the social aspect of it.  “I enjoy the off season because my club is like a family, and I don’t see them during the season. We all go to different schools so practice is the time where we all bond and play together.” says Tummala.

One of the most joined soccer clubs at the school is Keliix, which is another way soccer players spend their off season. While the winter league is taking place, players practice three times a week. Girls soccer player Megan Waller ‘24 talks about her time on the club team “I do enjoy the off season because I am still playing the sport so it doesn’t feel like an off season.” Waller says. 

As the athletes reported on staying active, getting involved in activities and continuing to play the sport during the off season it was interesting to find out that they enjoy both the on and off season in different ways.