STI Testing Day at the SBC


Hattie Mackey and Berit Schaefer, Journalism Fall '22-23

This Wednesday, January 11, the School Based Clinic (SBC) is hosting their annual STI Testing Day, where they will offer free, quick, and confidential STI tests. This event will be taking place all day in room E21, where there will also be free handouts like condoms and candy. As well as everything mentioned above, the clinic’s staff will be there to offer information to students interested in taking care of their sexual health.

Testing for STIs is very important for sexually active teenagers. Many STIs don’t show immediate symptoms, and by the time they’ve realized they have an STI, they’ve already spread it to others. Symptoms of STIs are very uncomfortable, such as unusual discharge from genitals, pain when peeing, lumps, skin growths, rashes, unusual vaginal bleeding, itchiness, blisters, sores, and warts. As well as painful symptoms, the long term effects of untreated STIs include chronic pelvic pain, infertility, and in extreme cases, cancer. Testing for STIs not only benefits you, but it also benefits your community.

On Wednesday, students can expect a fast testing time, with no appointments, fees, or paperwork. Students can also expect complete confidentiality, with neither the test or the results being discussed with guardians, and no parent consent forms necessary. The results of the test are provided through in-person appointments at the clinic. Event participants can expect a quick experience, taking ten to fifteen minutes, where students sign a few forms and then get tested. The test itself is fast and easy, as the student would just have to pee in a cup and leave it to be tested. Students who test positive will be offered free antibiotics from the clinic to treat any STIs. 

The SBCs across Minneapolis have been offering STI drop-in clinics at least once a year for nearly a decade, according to health educator Grace Christianson. Clinic staff recommend going in the morning, as it’s usually busier in the afternoon. It’s important to mention that STI tests are always offered in the clinic, but STI Testing day provides faster lines, goody bags, and guaranteed walk-in availability to those who choose to participate.