Winter Formal Preview

Berit Schiltz and Hattie Mackey, Journalism

In the lead-up to Southwest’s first winter formal in three years, the majority of the student body, who have never had an opportunity to attend the dance, are probably unsure of what to expect. The highly anticipated dance was delayed due to weather and road conditions, but the NHS board is currently in the process of finalizing the details of the rescheduled event. We sat down with NHS event coordinator, Elsie Lawless ‘23. She shared details of the upcoming dance for those who are unsure what to expect, and possible dates that the dance might be rescheduled to.

The dance decorations will be winter themed, complete with snowflakes and a coat check at the entrance. Students can enter at door number 5, and doors will open at 7 pm. It’s recommended that students who want to skip the cold wait outside show up earlier, as the 300 people anticipated to attend will likely cause long waiting times. There will be security measures to make sure no student attends the dance without a ticket, so students wanting to attend should purchase their tickets the week before the dance’s new date. Tickets will be $10 per person. Once students enter, their tickets will be looked over, and their coats will be checked.  Students should eat beforehand, as there won’t be food or beverages besides water offered at the dance. There will be a photobooth with photos students can take home.

The dance is open to all grades, and the new date is March 24, 2023.

Max Benner ‘23 recommends going, saying “there’s no reason not to go.”

If you are a student who is unsure whether or not to attend, all of the class of 2023’s seniors polled recommend going. Seniors recommend going for a variety of reasons like participating in fun school activities while you have the chance, and the affordability of the tickets for this particular dance.   

Lindsey McMillen ‘23 says it was “fun to participate in high school experiences and to dress up and hangout with friends.” 

We encourage all students interested in going to attend, and we’ll see you on the dance floor for a night to remember!

Berit Campbell ‘24 is excited for the Winter Formal