The Freshmen of Women’s Varsity Soccer

Madeleine Martin, Executive Editor

With an 11-4 record, the Southwest Women’s Varsity Soccer team has had a fantastic season. with talent shown by everyone on the field. The three freshmen, Nola Millar Bruzek, Wren VanDeWalker and Tori Westgate showed off their gifts this past season. The three of them agreed to reflect on the season and answer some questions for [The Navigator].

Not surprisingly, the soccer field has been a part of their lives for years. Nola began soccer teams when she was four, Tori started at six, and Wren has been playing since she was three. It’s clear that Southwest isn’t their first experience.

Nola explained her involvement in teams, saying “I started at Kenny Armatage Rec. When I was eight years old, I started traveling soccer. This upcoming season will be my second at Edina.” Tori has played for rec teams, and more recently with Keliix Intra, a Minneapolis based traveling soccer league, while Wren has played for Minneapolis United, Eclipse Select and Edina Soccer Club.

The varsity freshmen told me that they were surprised to make varsity. Wren added that she was “super happy” that all of her hard work paid off, but also “nervous about being on a team with a lot of upperclassmen.” But, our women’s varsity soccer team “welcomed them with open arms,” which seems to be why they all love soccer so much.

The community the team has been able to build on and off the field must be why they keep winning. Between wins and losses, Tori says, “My favorite part is meeting new people;” Nola and Wren agree. Wren mentions that soccer is something to look forward to at the end of the day and she loves seeing the team every afternoon.

No matter which game was the most fun for you to watch, each girl had a different idea of how the game went. Nola noted that she was super nervous during the first game, and how she worried she would mess up for her team. From a spectator’s perspective, she has been said to always look great on the field.

Although every game had its highs and lows, Tori says that playing Washburn was one of the most difficult, but fun games to play. Winning against South High School on Super Soccer Saturday was also a rewarding match for all of them.