Letters to the Editor

The Navigator is a community forum of expression and welcomes your letters

Letter to the Editor

The Navigator accepts and will publish letters to the editor from members of the school community. We ask that letters to the editor be no more than 300 words and contain the author's name, address and signature. All submissions will be checked for verification. We will publish letters using “name withheld” providing a Navigator editor knows the author’s identity. We will not publish letters anonymously sent to the editor. The Navigator staff reserves the right to edit letters for content, length and grammar. The Navigator staff also reserves the right to withhold from publication any letter for incriminating reasons or with regard to libel or slander.

first and last
phone, alternate email, etc. in the event we need to verify/clarify anything and need to get in touch.
If this letter is published online or in print, the editorial staff may consider requests for anonymity under certain circumstances.