Horoscopes: December 2020


Navigator Staff

Aries: Choose to be the better person. Arguing on twitter can only get you so far.

Taurus: Spend more time doing something you like, go ahead and binge Queen’s Gambit, again.

Gemini: Don’t quit the grind, make another coffee and keep working. Make your first masterpiece.

Cancer: Let go of your fears and seize the day. You can do it, try that new tik tok dance.

Leo: Allow yourself to open up to something new, and give it your all, I hear the Navigator is looking for new writers…

Virgo: Find space in your calendar to chill out. Listen to the new Kid Cudi or Taylor Swift album… your choice.

Libra: Reach out to someone, and have a conversation! “Wyd” doesn’t count.

Scorpio: Keep your energy high and your awareness higher. Did your teacher just say quiz??

Sagittarius: Stop procrastinating and get back to work. No one but you can write those 8 essays. 

Capricorn: Assess your opportunities and take them. Apply for that job!

Aquarius: Don’t stop trying. You’ve got everything you need, and you don’t live in Edina. 

Pisces: Give them the benefit of the doubt. Sarcasm is difficult to translate via text.