Southwest Homecoming Returns!

'21-22 Fall Semester Journalism, SW Journalism Class

Disco isn’t dead at Southwest. On Saturday, October 9 from 7-10 the Commons will be the set of the first homecoming dance since 2019. The dance will be limited to 700 Lakers. 

Spirit Week brings a lot of anticipation and excitement for students. This year more than ever, possibly, with limited sales, tickets became a hot commodity. 

There was a 700 student ticket limit due to Covid regulations. “I feel bad for the people that don’t get to go. They didn’t tell people until they might have already gotten their [outfits],” Junior Nicole Nohre said. 

The tickets sold out on Wednesday during B lunch. The ticket sales were prioritized by grade level from seniors to freshmen. 

“I think most people will go to make new memories, dress up, and forget about Covid for a bit,” Junior Rickardo Brown said. 

Homecoming encompasses the Spirit Week with themed days, pep rally, Friday game and Saturday dance. The preparation and anticipation can be as fun as the ticketed part of the night. 

“I’m looking forward to getting ready with friends, the pictures, dinner…” Nohre said. 

“It’s better with friends,” Junior Yaya Van Vranken said. 

After not having a Homecoming for two years many people are looking forward to attending this year’s dance. 

“I think seniors are excited about it. For some, it’s going to be their first and last,” Axel Cruz, senior, said.

Covid regulations require everyone to wear a mask. Additionally, tests and vaccinations are recommended. This year’s seniors will dress in the style of the ’70s, the theme that won the class of ‘22 vote. Juniors, sophomores and freshmen traditionally wear formal attire to Homecoming. 

“I just hope that they play decent music that kids will know. I like the “Cha-Cha”—real smooth,” Junior Caden Sullivan said. 

Student council members are very active in the process of preparing and organizing Spirit Week and Homecoming. Members buy and create the dance decorations. Student Council member Junior Toriana Fingerlin said, “We don’t get our information until a week before, it’s stressful.” 

“I went freshman year and it was really bad; I am going to have a better time this year making new memories, celebrating a victory, and making up for lost time,” Junior Cedar Stout-Harris said. 

Project Success facilitator and Southwest alumnus Kyle unshower reflected on his own memories of Homecoming at Southwest in workshops this past week with current students. In 2014 he put on the best vintage SW swag he could find and entered a contest for having the most school spirit: “I won a gift card.”

Junior Ben Chylinski recalled the last time there was a big crowd of student support this fall at the stadium that the team easily won. He is optimistic that the Friday Homecoming game against North High School will end with a win for the Lakers: “100%.”