Rochester Mayo defeats SW Men’s Soccer


Lucy Renz and Reese Brothers

On Tuesday night, though cold and dark, fans from both schools gathered in the stands of FHS tiger stadium for the state quarter final match. Our Southwest Lakers fought a hard battle against Rochester Mayo. 

In the first half of the game, the game looked to be relatively evenly matched between the two teams, and the score was still 0-0 at halftime. 

The second half went by without any scoring as well, so the two ten-minute overtimes began. The intensity increased, but still, neither team could seem to get the ball in the net. As a result, penalty kicks were upon us. 

While each team was choosing who would be the five to take the shots, the lights on the field went out. The lights at FHS tiger stadium were set on a timer, meant to go out at 10 P.M. Because the game went into extra time, that was not enough time for this match to play out. 

Many around the stands turned on their flashlights and began waving them in the air. It was a magical moment and everyone was allowed a breath before the game would resume. Soon enough, the lights turned back on, and the players prepared to take their shots. 

Both Southwest and Rochester Mayo made their first shots. Southwest also made their second shot, making the score 2-1.

Rochester’s second shot was saved by our goalie and the crowd’s excitement grew. Though after further investigation by the referees, it seemed our goalie had stepped off the line of the goal too early, which would result in a re-kick for Rochester. 

The shot was scored. The anticipation in the stands rose as Southwest lined up for their next shot. Into the net it goes. Rochester made their next shot as well. 

The score 3-3, everyone stood antsy on their toes, watching and murmuring as Southwest’s fourth shot was blocked. Rochester Mayo had the next shot.

Everyone groaned as the 5th shot, taken by Southwest, soared up and over the goal, just between the crossbar and bottom of the field goal. The final shot was made by Rochester Mayo, for a final score of 3-4. 

Though not the ending we had all hoped for, it was a great game and overall season for the Southwest Lakers.