A Punishment for Students and Teachers: Letters to the Editor

A Punishment for Students and Teachers: Letters to the Editor

Anonymous, Write In

When one is writing one must start off by saying the sentences that follow are in my own biased view. Now that that is clarified, enjoy the perspective of a student observing the strike. 

It was on my walk home from school that I first heard rumors of a strike. My sister is a senior who’s teachers are proud members of the union. I recall her saying she scheduled a presentation or two right after it would start. It was a joking tone, both of us assuming the issue would resolve itself or dissipate into the sea of complaints against Ed Graft. 

When the subject returned over and over again in my daily walks home, I began to be worried. With the record the district held, the strike looked almost possible. Then the yes buttons began to appear. Every teacher wearing one. 

I found the ten days come and go. We, as students, left waiting for someone to tell us we were allowed back in school. I took my dog on walks past the school, observing the striking teachers from a distance. I found myself missing school. It felt like three weeks of sundays; waiting for school to return.

I was dreading returning to school. The idea of 45 more minutes made me want to throw up. The idea of having to sit in a small desk unable to move was nauseating. I understood why the teachers had to strike. And why they had to settle for this arrangement. Yet it felt almost like a punishment, to turn students from teachers. I have a job I have to do this summer, my friends do too. These weeks being added interfered with it. Why are we being forced to pay for something we did not vote for?

I have only one other opinion: FUCK ED GRAFF<3