Homecoming Theme: What Really Happened


Claire Jacoby and Berit Schiltz

The Southwest homecoming senior theme has been a hot topic as the Student Council struggled to come to a decision with fewer voters than they had hoped.

There are about 500 students in the 2023 senior class leaving great expectations for participation. 

When the first results of the student council senior homecoming theme came back the majority was Western although according to student council president Jillian Brandl ‘23, this was “only 26%” of those who voted. Deciding that wasn’t a sustainable number they released a new form with fewer options but the administrators decided the new majority, Greek Gods, wasn’t suitable for a school setting, resembling many recent frat parties. The council decided to release a final form and ended once again with the theme Western.

“I was kind of indifferent about the theme. I’d be fine with anything,” Berit Schaefer ‘23 said. This gave some context as to why the Student Council didn’t see the turnout they hoped for. 

“If the senior class wants to be passionate about their themes that they select for dances…they should participate in the student council’s nomination process and voting process to make sure they get what they want,” Student Council Advisor Sean Keir said.

Overall the senior Homecoming theme was a success as the seniors showed up in their western attire. Although there was a lack of participation when voting took place, the 40% in the last form turned out to be just enough.