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Election day

Ninth City Council Election
Photo credit- Riley Cox (‘27)

Alexander Hoselton’s civics class had three students run for city council in a mock election. Voting was open to ninth graders across Southwest. The three candidates were Eddie Sofen (‘27), Isla Hutchins (‘27), and Malcolm Gifford (‘27). 

During the election, there were two parties. The Plum Party, which Hutchins ran through, and the Periwinkle Party, which Gifford and Soften ran through. On November 9th, it was announced that Hutchins won the election with 52 votes, and in second place was Sofen with 25 votes. Last but not least was Gifford with 19 votes. Hutchins had 50% of the votes, even in just the first round of the election, so second choice votes did not come into play. Sofen and Gifford didn’t have enough votes, even when combined. Hutchins won by a landslide, with 27 points over her closest competitor. 

Hutchins stated that their goal was “making students happy!”.  A big question people had for the Plum Party, was on their goals. They stated They intended to make the school  “A place that’s just perfect for you.”

Meeting with all of the candidates. Photo credit- Riley Cox (‘27)

Sofen stated he was a “man for education.” One of Sofen’s main goals was “to improve how you felt while learning at the school and how much you learn.”

Voter Aidan Lenthe (‘27) said “It was a pretty easy decision because of the promises each candidate made.” When asked what persuaded him to vote the way he did, he said, “I liked Eddie’s promises and where his campaign was going, and I liked him as a person; I knew he was trustworthy.”

 After discussing the election in Hoselton’s class, it was decided that Hutchins was most prepared for the election. She had multiple social media accounts to get out information, while Sofen had one and Gifford didn’t have any. Hutchins also made posters and hung them around the school, which neither of the other candidates did. They all went around to classes to discuss their campaign, but it was clear that Hutchins was most prepared for the victory. 

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