Dr. Butler expresses her passion for education at PTSO meeting

Virginia Johnson

On Monday, October 21, the new principal, Dr. Valerie Littles Butler spoke at the PTSO meeting to introduce herself to the parents. One of the first things Dr. Butler said was that her vision is for all students to graduate, no matter what path.

As the fourth principal in as many years, she feels that we lost the school’s identity with all of the changes that have been going on. Dr. Butler has been in education for 33 years and is planning to be around for a while.

Dr. Butler talked about the importance of respect, and that it “has no color and no age.” She shared some of her personal history in sports and other interests, and how it fostered her emphasis on academics. “Basketball got me in the door, books got me through the door.”

She wants to prepare kids for reality by teaching them to embrace diversity and to teach the kind of love that opens doors. She strongly believes in leading by example, which means showing up even when it’s hard. She hopes for the students to have a passion to serve other people like she does.