Southwest Dance Showcase Stuns

Berit Schiltz, Journalism

The Southwest High School dance program performed their show last week, drawing in parents, facility and students to their Thursday night show and their Friday show sample/exhibition for fifth and sixth hour. The shows were filled with duets, solos, and group dances of Dance Company 1 and 2 and Dance 1. But, left out from the amazing show is the process and practices before hand. A junior at Southwest High School, Claire Jacoby, shared she could “see the passion of the dancers” and she loved that the students were so involved in the whole process and creation of the dances. Similarly interested in the process I asked some of the programs dancers. 

Tatum Bortel, a dancer at Southwest, says her favorite part of the experience was seeing the costumes and lighting all come together. Getting to see class/teammates dances for the first time and how they all fit with the music, lighting, and costuming was definitely a highlight. She also explained how the dances were choreographed, learned, and rehearsed. The group dances were worked on most of the week with about two days for their self-choreographed duets and a week of cleaning the dances at the end. Tatum also shared the challenging aspect of choreographing her duet and creating a storyline which can be followed by the audience.

Aoife, also a junior at Southwest, shared her favorite parts of the experience, loving the collaborative aspect and high level of involvement with the whole creative process. Explaining her love also for a chance to move during school everyday. Aoife mentioned how her involvement in the process made it all the more exciting to perform and allowed for her to have all the more input and collaborative opportunities.

The Southwest Winter Dance Show was exciting and impressive with so much student skill and involvement. The dances were impressive and thought provoking and Southwest is looking forward to the Spring Show.