Julia Lynch, Journalism

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I’ve relied on Dominos for countless late nights studying and for always pulling me through a mental breakdown. Although the quality of the food is questionable and eating more than 4 thick crust pieces may be fatal, it’s an option that I will never turn down. I would never think about serving this boxed pizza to my grandparents. Although I am someone who carries out or delivers, I spend little to no time in the restaurants themselves. However, from what little I have seen the kitchens are clean, organized, and run smoothly. In addition, ordering online is also a pleasant experience. The website is easy to work with and is much better than ordering over the phone where you can choose your crust, toppings, and add-ons. Not only does Dominos deliver pizza, but they also have a selection of kinds of pasta, lava cakes, garlic twists, and salads. Of course, between the puddles of grease that stain your pizza box and the pizza not being edible after cooling down it may not be the healthiest option for your family, but for hungry people on a budget? It’s the perfect option.