Minneapolis Live Music Scene


Picture Credit: Tove Moen

Tove Moen, Managing Editor

Late nights were made for live music. From small, dingy basements to sold out venues music lovers can be found enjoying concert favorites. First Avenue, formerly the Greyhound Bus Depot, is well known across the country for its legacy in music and entertainment, as well as its iconic wall of stars. However, Minneapolis is also home to a music scene that is lesser known among the general public, and has been for decades. 

Back in 1979 The Phones, originally Stickman, were formed. They began by playing high schools throughout Minnesota, and in 1983 signed a deal with Twin/Tone records, an independent label popularly known as helping shape bands like The Replacements and Soul Asylum. Although The Phones did build themselves a following, few knew who they were then, and even fewer know them now, but that didn’t stop them from putting on a good show. People crowded into small areas, influenced by a bit of alcohol and Jeff Cerise’s swoon-worthy voice, went crazy for The Phones. 

You can find a similar scene in Minneapolis today. Smaller venues such as the Underground Music Venue, the Treasury, and Mortimer’s put on musicians weekly. This September I went to see local bands Mary Jam and Nothing To Do. at The Treasury in St. Paul. Prior to the concert I hadn’t even heard of either band before, but after seeing a poster advertising their performance I looked into them and became interested. The venue is very laid back- a small basement with a step-up stage complete with a black sheet background, all of which made the concert seem more personal and fun. Both bands seemed undeterred by the crowd of only several people, and went on to play a killer show that held the energy of a sold out stadium complete with a good amount of head banging and jumping around. I stuck around after the show to talk to the bands, and in addition to being very skilled performers they were also incredibly nice. For those looking to enjoy a wild concert and support some small, local artists at the same time, Minneapolis provides many opportunities. One example is Minneapolis punk calendar on Instagram, who post monthly calendars highlighting punk rock shows happening in the Twin Cities. Not your style? Sometimes simply looking into small venues on social media can lead you to a new favorite band and plenty of fun concerts. 

To make it especially easy I compiled a list of some upcoming concerts in Minneapolis. Look into them!

December 14th, 2022

6:30, The Treasury, $12-$15

Unturned with Honey Creek, Orchid Club, and 12th House Sun

December 14th, 2022

7:00, 7th St Entry, $12

Palm Friends (final show) with bathtub cig, Dark Bunny, and ahem

December 15th, 2022

7:00, Mortimers, $10

The Bloodies with the Silent Treatment, Getting By, and River Sinclaire

December 17th, 2022

7:00, Hell Above Minneapolis, $10

Oyster World with Another Heaven, Belly Jelly, and Obchod Na Korze

December 30th, 2022

10:00, White Squirrel, $12

VIN with Cult Sequence and The Great Went