It Truly is Beef Season


Billy Lee Buccella, Featured Writer

On October 29,  a group of Southwest students finished their very own out-of-studio album. Aaron Schuller, known in the music industry as Beef, is a junior at Southwest, surrounded by a team of talented artists helping support his work.

Released on all streaming platforms,  “Beef Season” is a musical experience that mixes elements of Hip-Hop and rap that Schuller grew up listening to.

Schuller first started his music career at the age of 7 when he first started experimenting with making his own music. Fast forward to the year 2020 during the beginning of the COVID-19 Pandemic, while the world had seemingly stopped, Aaron’s passion for creating music had not. Over the next two summers, he started creating music for fun with his friends, eventually leading to him creating the project that would become “Beef Season.” 

The new hit album contains features from some of Schuller’s classmates with production by the Navigator’s own Kellen Henry. Specific highlights include the thrice featured ZEUSDRAGONFERRARI, known widely for his cinematic and musical presence on youtube.

The eight-song album serves as a short but sweet demonstration of Beef’s promise. Standout tracks are “raybans”, “that one bag”, and “jesus shuttleworth”. Overall, a fun listen, with great production that bodes well for Aaron’s future music career. 

When asked to comment, Beef said, “I love myself because I am beef.” And that sums up just about how everyone feels towards him right now.